Monday, April 16, 2012

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New York, NY
April 15, 2012
by Allan Stevo

I’m sending this note to all of my Ron Paul supporting friends on FB. Please forward it freely to those who you think might be motivated by it, since it is, after all the job of each of us to both motivate and hold others accountable in this decentralized movement we are a part of.

I write from New York City where the movement is very active and being led by a group of highly motivated Ron Paul supporters.

I hope you’ll take note of our sweep of Minnesota this weekend – 3 Congressional District chose delegates and all 9 went to Ron Paul, as well as 9 alternate delegates. Last weekend one congressional district was up for grabs in Minnesota. Ron Paul took 2 delegates from that district and Rick Santorum took 1. The frontrunner took zero. In Colorado this weekend, Ron Paul took at least 40% of the delegates, compared to the zero predicted by the media. Ron Paul delegates there brilliantly decided to disguise themselves as “uncommitted.” Republican Party officials in Missouri now believe that Ron Paul may take ALL of the delegates from Missouri at the Congressional Delegations (April 21) and state convention on June 2. Twenty states representing more than 1,000 delegates have not yet even begun their delegate processes, but as the delegate processes in states begin to conclude, we will see Ron Paul conclusively being declared the winner of states by those following the delegate process.

An increasing number of Evangelical Christians are starting to join the push to make Ron Paul the nominee after Santorum left the race this week. In state after state they are becoming allies in taking back our country and returning us to a freer America. Whether or not they agree with me entirely on all the issues, I recognize that politics can make for strange bedfellows and I welcome anyone who will vote for the Champion of the Constitution. Many Santorum supporters share Ron Paul’s views nearly across the board and are only now coming to realize this.

Newt Gingrich bounced a check in Utah and his campaign is nearly $4.5 million in debt; he didn’t get on the ballot in his own state of Virginia. His campaign is weak.

Mitt Romney has failed to convince voters that he is nominee material, despite being given first tier status for 4 years by the media and having an official campaign budget that is nearly double that of the Paul campaign.

Pennsylvania and Rhode Island (April 24) are in play, as is Louisiana with a caucus on April 28. As this race develops, more states will come into play and our movement will need to be ready to move ahead at full speed – in terms of volunteers and in terms of resources. As late of May 2008, Barack Obama was still erroneously considered “unelectable.” Ron Paul has been handed the same yoke and I believe he will still come out of this nominating contest the winner.

I’m writing you to ask you to consider a donation to Ron Paul’s campaign today – an April 15 donation for the man who has proposed a plan to cut $1 Trillion from the federal budget in his first year and balance the budget within three years without cutting veterans benefits, benefits to the elderly, and while maintaining the strength of our national defense.

We are today 15 weeks into a 9 month primary season. Iowa caucused just 15 weeks ago and June 16 (finally) Iowa will have their state convention and we’ll learn who wins the majority of delegates from Iowa. Ron Paul is the most likely answer. This is just one example of a state that was reported as a loss for our movement, but that we will, before the spring comes to an end, clearly come out of as the winner.

I write to tell you how important it is that you persevere. This nomination is ours to take. Romney is so weak. On August 27 we can walk into the RNC and dominate the convention. Our opponents are weak and no half-truths from the media will be able to distort my view of that.

The Republican Party is ours for the taking in 2012, as is the White House. Left and right we are being told that Romney is the guaranteed nominee and that Ron Paul supporters should give up. The story is very different. This is the worst possible time to give up – in the thick of the fight – so close to victory.

Be sure to donate today – anything at all, even if it was just $5 – and to ask the same of others. The Ron Paul has asked the grassroots of our movement to raise $2.5 million by Tuesday. Be sure to continue working toward getting Ron Paul elected. If you need advise on how to make that happen – write back. If you need a better summary of the current situation, write back.

I unplugged the TV long ago and stopped listening to the news and am better off because of it. Bottom line- no matter what the media says - this is a 2 man race, and it’s been that way since Iowa. The nomination is ours for the taking. Will you take it with me?

Thank you for all you do for liberty.